cross fireCross Fire Due to community growth in Indonesia has become crowded, PT. Lyto Datarindo Fortuna (Lyto), the company behind the game’s license to open a new server named ‘Charlie’.

The Private (call for players Cross Fire-red) can prove their fighting prowess in the new server starting on December 11, 2010. They can enter this server freely without any limitation of certain rank or equipment.

Based on information received detikINET , Sunday (12/12/2010), In the latest servers Cross Fire Online, players can follow a variety of missions as well as the latest battleground in the Cross Fire Online, which is extremely powerful. With the opening of this new server, it is hoped the soldiers could get opponents more numerous and formidable.

Cross Fire itself is an Online Game First Person Shooter (FPS) that has 3D graphics with detailed and realistic sound effects. Game is located at has the features desired by the player FPS.

Starting from a rich assortment of game modes, up to a rich assortment of weapons can be used. In addition, the game is also tailored for gamers to play for beginner and expert level.